Mercy Water- reverence Earth and work more effectively toward the sustainability of life and toward universal recognition of the fundamental right to water... --Sisters of Mercy Critical Concerns

DID YOU KNOW..........
Bottled Water companies are required by the FDA to test their water ONCE per year. 
Tap water requires multiple tests daily to meet EPA standards. 

Did you know...  It is one-half of ONE person's job requirements at the FDA to oversee all bottled water regulation. (Watch THIS CLIP from the bottled water documentary Tapped: )
The Full documentary is available on Netflix Streaming, Amazon, and Mr.DeSain has the DVD-Come ask to borrow it!


BOTTLED WATER PRICE VS TAP WATER PRICE in Rochester, NY  for 3.17 gallons=(24 bottles at 0.5L each)
The following list is written in this order for each price listing:
Base size    
Base Price  

Tax & deposit  
Total price


24 bottles  (3.17 gallons)  

Rochester Tap  3.17 gallons                     



Poland Spring  
24 bottles(3.17 gallons)   

Prices as of 11/29/12
Wegmans price from
Walmart price from
Tap price from MCWA:

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