Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Rock Songs due TMRW. We have had a great start. A very nice baby gaga interpretation and excellent video. Also some bieber greatness- the karaoke version of the song so NO bieby singing. The song was very good and nice job singing.

Thurs. Review Songs, Mineral rev packet and Rock Cycle Assignment.

Test FRIDAY- Ch.11 ALL. There will be an identification of rocks and minerals part to the test from our lab activities. One rock, one mineral- 4 minutes total.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FINAL ROCK WEEK- Lab, Song, Review, Rock Cycle, TEST

The title of this post sums it up.
Tuesday- Go over rock packet. Finish Rock ID Lab, Begin Rock Cycle Assignment in Rock Notes Packet
Wednesday- Finish Rock Cycle Assignment for Thursday, 3-4 groups will SING Review Song
Thursday- Review and SING
Friday- TEST

Practice TESTS IN Rev Bk and on wikispace- right here:

Monday, April 11, 2011

Igneous joke for the day.

Oh you don't get it? Well that's okay, because Igneous is bliss.

Igneous Day 2- The Final "Fire" Fight

Igneous Rocks Day 2:
Rock Song of the Day: The Theme to Rocky-
Rock fact: If you start digging today at a rate of one foot per minute- you will reach the other side of the Earth in the year 2098. Plus you'd have to get through the magma and 6000 degree Celsius cores to get to the other side, and no bathroom breaks or eating breaks.

Check out this picture- it is even more awesome because when you put your mouse over it- you are able to ZOOM IN on the trees an rocks- TRY IT. You can see the different layers of volcanic ash like in Pompeii.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


HEEEEYYYYY Students. Here ye hear ye, all shall finish thy project upon the morrow, lest ye survive sans 10% of your quarterly grade.

Mineral Joke of the day: A girl sits alone with her head down in a grassy  field. Her friend walks up to her and asks,"What's troubling you dear friend?"
The girl responds, "I can't find it!, I have looked and looked."
"Well I will help you look, I have a chocolate bar, do you want some?"
"No, I can't eat!, I've lost my apatite."
Don't get it? Apatite is a mineral-hehe.

Rock Song of the day #1: Bob Seger- Like a Rock.

Beautiful waterfall of West Virginia - Yahoo! News Photos

Check out these crazy awesome nature pictures- whirlpool, waterfall, where bees sleep- bees sleep? Check it-Beautiful waterfall of West Virginia - Yahoo! News Photos

Monday, April 4, 2011

Projects and Songs

Hey- keep working- We are working on/finishing the Mineral ID lab today and tmrw.
When you finish, you will be able to use a netbook computer to research/work on your project.
We will have class time on weds. also. DUE THURSDAY- By the BEGINNING OF YOUR CLASS PERIOD. The -20% rule is in effect after that.

Rock songs- We will writing our own rock songs- start thinking about what song you want to use.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Twitter privacy settings fixed.

Try again. @MrDSci   - I had the privacy settings blocking too much. Mineral Joke on there and one here:

Bubba and Rocky were mineral collecting one day and a guy came up to Bubba and asked...How long are you going to be working in that hole?
Bubba said....About 2 hours.
The guy left.
The next Saturday, Bubba and Rocky were at the same dump, and the same man came up to Bubba and asked him how long he was going to be digging in that hole.
Bubba said....About 3 hours.
The guy left.
Well, the next Saturday, the same thing happened, and Bubba said....About 2 hours, and the guy left.
Bubba turned to Rocky and said....Hey, do me a favor and follow that guy, will you? He keeps asking me how long I am going to be digging here, but then leaves and doesn't come back.
Rocky does, and comes back a while later, laughing.
Bubba: So...where does that guy go when he leaves here?
Rocky stops laughing long enough to say....To your house!

I in no way endorse going to people's homes without them being there- DON'T  DO THAT. 

Mercy Publishing Company- Memo to all employees

MINERAL PROJECTS- You are all embarking upon a journey of great discovery and creativity. You may need some help along the path.
Here are a few online children's book sites to help you with ideas, to make your path less "rocky"-

Or go find one of your favorite books and use it for inspiration.

CREATING your BOOK- PowerPoint, Word, any program like those:
TRY these: