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  1. case name: cold case murder of Krystal Beslanowitch, 1995.
    name: Emily Kirisits
    who: Krystal Beslanowitch, 17 years old
    what: Krystal Beslanowitch was murdered
    where: Utah, Provo River, United States
    when: 18 years ago, 1995
    why: no exact motive has been declared, but Krystal was a prostitute so she was engaging in illegal activities and was around the wrong crowd
    how: DNA evidence was retrieved from a rock that hit Krystals skull and killed her, which led them to the killer
    whodunit: Joseph Michael Simpson
    conclusion: I believe this is a very unfortunate and sad case. It is tragic to know that for so many years no one had known what happened and no one could come to peace with it. However, it shows how forensic science continues to advance every years and we learn more and more. Because of this we can help solve cases that have formally gone cold. Detectives can open up other cases and help solve them through advanced technology that did not exist when the crime first occurs.

    1. This case was solved in 1993. Michael Simpson was the culprit.

    2. It was 2013. not 93.

  2. Carly Palmer
    Case Name: “Footsteps in the Snow” The Disappearance and Murder of Maria Ridulph
    WHO- 7 year old Maria Ridulph
    WHAT -Maria Ridulph was playing in the snow with her friend Kathy when a man arrived and asked Maria if she wanted a piggy back ride and told her she had to go get a doll. He attempted to get Kathy to go on a “ride” with him but she said no so he sent her home to get mittens and when she returned, Maria and the man were gone. The investigation went on for several months with over 77 suspects, one of which was John Tessier who was highly suspected but had an alibi and passed a polygraph. On Saturday, April 26, 1958, a couple who had been walking stumbled upon Maria’s body off of Route 20, badly decomposed and exposed to the elements and to wildlife. It was later found out that John and his father abused the other Tessier children and even raped one of the younger sisters. Mrs. Tessier was on her deathbed and asked for one of the daughters exclaiming that “John did it. That missing girl. He did it.” The police then re-opened the investigation.
    WHERE Sycamore Illinois, outside Ridulph household, Route 20
    When- Disappeared December 1957, Found early spring 1958 (April 16th, 1958)
    WHY There was no concrete motive. John had a history of sexual abuses in both his family and attempts outside his family. One neighborhood girl reported him giving her a piggyback ride and not putting her down until she screamed and someone in the neighborhood saw it.
    HOW John Tessier had been one of the top suspects in the murder of Maria Ridulph, however he had an alibi and passed a polygraph. It wasn’t until his mother obliterated John’s alibi on her deathbed to her daughter Janet who then sent an e-mail to the police that the case was reopened and then solved. There was a witness who was 8 at the time of the crime and testified against John Tessier. There was no concrete physical evidence as the case was over 45 years old.
    WHODUNIT John Tessier
    CONCLUSION: While the case was eventually solved, Tessier wasn’t convicted until age 73 so it makes me angry that the mother hadn’t spoken out before she was dying. Even though it was her son, she knew he did something awful and didn’t come out to the police. Justice could have been served sooner for the Ridulphs had she come forward and turned her son in. However, I am glad they eventually were able to close the case and justice was serve

  3. case name: The Disappearance of Sherri Miller and Pam Jackson
    name: Emily Kirisits
    who: Sherri Miller and Pam Jackson, both 17
    what: the two girls went missing and found dead
    where: Brule Creek, South Dakota
    when: 1971, May 29th
    why: no motive found, but girls were heading to a party
    how: a fisherman found their car submerdged in water in 2013. skeletal remains were found in this car. someone had confessed to murdering them earlier, but his confession was fake. police are still trying to decide if it was an accident or an actual murder.
    whodunit: unknown
    conclusion: this is a very confusing case. going from a confession to not even knowing who caused this crime is very mind boggeling. However, finding their remains is a big step and can help them find any DNA. They can also look into the car and see if their is any evidence pertaining to foul play.

  4. Carly Palmer
    Case Name: “Weleetka Murders”
    WHO: 11 year old Skyla Whitaker and 13 year old Taylor Paschal-Placker
    WHAT: Following a sleepover, Skyla and Taylor, two good friend, were walking down a dirt path that was familiar to them. They had set off to collect pebbles and shells at a river bank but never made it to the river bank. Their bodies were found in a ditch on the side of the road filled with bullets. Skyla was shot 8 times and Taylor was shot 5 times, all in the head and chest.
    WHERE: Weleetka, Oklahoma on a dirt path to a river bank
    WHEN:Sunday afternoon in June 2008
    WHY: There was no motive which made it a very difficult crime to solve, especially for such a rural area.
    HOW: Police had shelling cases from the scene. However, there were zero suspects. The disappearance and murder of a woman 3 years later led to a suspect. Kevin Sweat confessed to getting in an argument with his fiance, killing her, and dumping her in a lake. However, after a search investigation, remains of her body were found in a bonfire pit in Sweat’s father’s backyard. Also in the bonfire were shell casings which were matched to the same ones found at the scene of the murders of Skyla and Taylor. Sweat confessed he was on the dirt road that day and saw “two monsters” coming towards him.
    WHODUNIT: Kevin Sweat
    CONCLUSION: The case is very sad because two innocent girls were murdered for no apparent reason. However, I am glad the detectives and police were able to piece together evidence in order to find the murder and convict him for life.

  5. Aleena Maryal

    Case Name: #1 Murder of a homeless Women
    WHO: Sara Lynn Wineski, 49
    WHAT happened: Sarah Wineski was strangled and raped, then she was found outside the Ronald McDonald House
    WHERE:Ronald McDonald House in St. Petersburg, Fla
    WHEN: May 21, 2005
    WHY: No reason found why he would commit the crime
    HOW case was solved: The case was solved after 3 years, they found DNA evidence which was used to find the Murder.
    WHODUNIT: Raymond Samuels, 31
    CONCLUSION: Its surprising how it took them 3 years to find the victim. Its also sad how the women had kids but they didn't help the mother with any financial or any kind of support, that's one of the reason Wineski was homeless and an easy target for the victim.

    1. I am Sara's daughter and you have not the slightest idea about what we did or didn't do to help our mother. Not only do you have your facts wrong about the case, but you are publicly judging the victim's family for no reason! My siblings and I had absolutely nothing to do with making our mother "an easy target." She made poor life choices, but an evil man made her a target. No one else in the world deserves the responsibility for that but him. I suggest you do better research as to the actual facts of the case AND keep your judgmental opinions to yourself. I would appreciate it if the administrator of this page would remove this ridiculous post. There is no point to it as a forensic review.

  6. Kelly Menna

    #239: Murder of Lucille Johnson in 1991 in Holladay, Utah

    Who: Lucille Johnson, 78 year old widower living in Holladay. 4'11'' 122 pounds

    What: Mrs. Johnson was found by one of her daughters, Shirley England, dead in her bed, with a pillow over her face. Investigators found DNA evidence under her fingernails. The police had found LEGO bricks in her living room, front entry way and driveway, her kids said that while she had them for her grandchildren, she would not have left them about.

    Where: Holladay, Utah. 4284 S. Holloway Dr. (1960 East). Lucille Johnson's bedroom.

    When: February 1, 1991

    Why: Motive is unclear, but jewelry was missing from Mrs. Johnson’s person; a ring and a necklace. Plain robbery was speculated.

    How: She was beaten severely, she had 24 broken ribs and a fractured skull. Autopsy found that she died of strangulation and blunt force trauma.

    WHODUNIT? John Sansing, a prison who is currently on death row for a 1998 murder of a woman in Arizona. Police were able to use the LEGO bricks found at the crime scene to connect the LEGO bricks with Sansing’s son, who was 5 years old at the time, placing Sansing in Lucille Johnson’s home the night she was murdered.

    Thoughts: Who brings a kid to a robbery/murder? And then drops them off in the front with LEGOs? Is that considered good parenting? I’m not even sure how someone could place a child in the foyer, go down the hall or up some stairs, kill a person, ransack their rooms, then sweep the child out and then they are gone. How do you explain that to a five year old? This was very interesting and sort of underwhelming, I know that justice has been a long time coming for the Johnson family of Utah, but the killer is on death row for a different murder of his, it’s not like it’s specifically for their mother.

  7. Sarah Lynch
    The murder of Maria Ridulph.
    Content must include:
    WHO: Maria Ridulph
    WHAT: Maria and her friend Kathy walked back to Maria’s house after school to cut out paper snowflakes. While they were walking to Maria’s house there was a man watching them. The man tried to start a conversation with them. The girls did not feel safe so the went into a restaurant. Leaving the restaurant when they were sure he was gone they noticed that he had left about half a dozen photos of nude women on the side walk. Maria and Kathy wanted to play in there favorite place to play after they went to their separate homes and ate dinner. Both sides of parents allowed the girls to do so. While the girls were playing “duck the cars” the same man from earlier walked over. Talking to them and making them comfortable with him. He told the two little girls that his name was Johnny and he was 24 years old. then he asked if they wanted piggy back rides and if they likes dollies. The girl shook their heads yes. First he gave Maria a piggyback ride. When maria was finished she ran home to get a doll from her house to play with too. Then when she got back Kathy went to her house to grab a doll. When Kathy returned Maria and the man named Johnny were gone.
    WHERE: Sycamore, Illinois. At the intersection of Center Cross Street and Archie Place
    WHEN: December 3, 1957
    WHY: There is no noted specific motive. But the man did have a history with crime.
    HOW: Solved
    WHODUNIT:John McCullough
    CONCLUSION:I don’t think that there is anything that was done wrong. The only thing that could have prevented this is if the girls ran home as soon as they saw the John or if the parents only allowed the girls to go if there was an adult.

  8. Sarah Lynch
    The murder of Anna Palmer
    WHO: Anna Palmer
    WHAT: The Ten year old girl Anna Palmer was found stabbed to death of her front porch. When the mother opened the door she knew that Ana was dead. when she touched her hand it was cold. Immediately after touching her hand she called 911. The dispatcher told the mother to do CPR. The case had no suspects. 11 years later forensic analysts were called in to do DNA testing of her finger nails. The used many light sources to figure out what DNA did not belong to Anna. The found their match. Matthew Brock.
    WHERE: 1633 S. 300 East, Salt Lake City.
    WHEN: September 10, 1998
    WHY No specific motive. Suspect does have a past of sex-related crime with child.
    HOW: They used Anna’s fingernails to find Matthew’s DNA.
    WHODUNIT:Matthew Brock
    CONCLUSION:I am confused as to why Brock wanted to kill this innocent young girl. they should have done all possible testing on the body earlier than 11 years after the actual homicide.

  9. Julia McLaughlin
    The murder of a 86 year old woman
    Who:Lois Jean Espy
    What: The old woman was found naked and bloody and beaten to death.
    Where: In the rural area of Mullins Mill Road in Shelbyville, Tennessee.
    When: February 22, 2015
    why: No motive, he was neighbors with her.
    how: authorities were lead to her neighbor through his DNA left behind.
    WHODUNIT: William Brace
    Conclusion:The 60 year old man was neighbors with the 86 year old woman he killed in her apartment by beating her.

  10. Julia mclaughlin
    Murder of a 6 year old
    Who; Jasmine Miller
    What: The man lured the 6 year old into his motel room with snacks and after she came in he strangled her.
    Where: In southwest Missouri, Windsor inn
    When: February 21st, 2015
    why: No motive just a history of burglary
    how: her body was found under his bed in his motel room.
    WHODUNIT: John P. Roberts
    Conclusion: The man brought the little girl into his hotel room and then killed her and threw her body under the bed.

  11. Riley Meechan

    Case Name: Murder of Rayna Rison, 1993


    WHO: Rayna Rison

    WHAT: strangulation (asphyxiation), body found in a pond after one month

    WHERE: Indiana

    WHEN went missing in March 26 1993, found one month later

    WHY: Rayna and her ex-boyfriend were arguing because he wanted to get back together

    HOW case was solved/unsolved: A friend of the killer had seen Rayna’s body in the trunk, but did not originally realize it was her until he saw her picture in the newspaper-- this was confessed in March 1993; after two questionings in 2008 and again in 2013 of Freeman, a friend of the victim, he confessed to witnessing Rayna’s strangulation by her ex-boyfriend, Jason Tibbs

    WHODUNIT [Person(s)] Jason Tibbs

    CONCLUSION: I think this is a very sad case, but I’m very glad that Rayna’s family has gotten justice after 20 years.

    Case Name: Death of Pamela Shelley, 2001


    WHO: Pamela Shelley

    WHAT happened: Pamela died en route to the hospital after being shot in the head; it appeared to be a suicide

    WHERE: inside her home, Texas

    WHEN [Date: Month/Day/Year] January 2001

    WHY [Motive, reason for crime]: Hendrick was an ex-boyfriend of Shelly

    HOW case was solved/unsolved: The case was opened because the first responder insisted on the verdict of suicide did not seem correct; Pamela was living in the shared home of her and her boyfriend with two kids from her first marriage; the series Cold Justice proved that the angle of the gun could not have been from Pamela’s hand in 2012, eliminating the thought of suicide; evidence was gathered to convict Ronnie Joe Hendrick, Pamela’s ex-boyfriend, who confessed to the murder before the trial

    WHODUNIT: Ronnie Joe Hendrick
    CONCLUSION: Another very sad case. But I do think it’s interesting how the case was reopened, and the role that Cold Justice played in convicting the killer.

  12. Ally Mastrangelo - Case One
    who: Rayna Rison (16)
    what: Rayna Rison was reported missing by her father after she didn’t return home from work one night. Her dead body was found in a pond a month after her disappearance by a local fisherman. It was determined that she had been strangled to death before she was thrown into the pond. The case went cold until a tip lead the police to the killer in 2008.
    where: This crime took place in LaPorte, Indiana. Rison’s body was found in a local pond a few miles away from her empty car.
    when: Rayna went missing on March 26th, 1993. The case went cold but then resurfaced when Jason Tibbs was arrested in August of 2013.
    why: Rayna Rison’s ex-boyfriend, Jason Tibbs, was angry at her for not wanted to get back together with him.
    how: The case was solved 20 years after the crime took place because Eric Freeman, a former friend of Jason Tibbs, was finally questioned by the authorities. Freeman admitted that he drove Tibbs to Rison’s workplace at Pine Lake Animal Hospital, where he watched the former couple argue. Freeman stated that he continued to drive them both around until they got out of the car and continued arguing. Freeman watched as Tibbs and Rison began to hit each other and as the struggle escalated, Rison was strangled to death. Freeman also admitted that he helped Tibbs dispose of the body.
    whodunit: Jason Tibbs
    conclusion: I think it’s honorable that detectives continued to investigate this case even after it had been cold for 20 years. However, I also think it’s shocking and disappointing that the authorities failed to question Eric Freeman immediately after the crime took place.

  13. Ally Mastrangelo-Case Two
    who: Skyla Whitaker (11) and Taylor Paschal Placker (13)
    what: After a sleepover at Taylor’s house, the two girls were walking down a rural dirt track. They were headed towards a riverbank to collect pebbles and shells, but they never made it there. During their walk, the two girls had been shot. Their bodies were found in a ditch on the side of a road near the lake.Even after interviewing every violent criminal in the area, the police were unable to identify any suspects and the case went cold for three years.
    where: This homicide occurred in Weleetka, Oklahoma on a dirt road.
    when: The crime took place on a Sunday afternoon in June of 208.
    why: This was a random killing with no motive. This is part of the reason why it took so long to find a suspect.
    how: This case was solved in 2011 after the discovery of another victim’s body. In 2011, Ashley Taylor was murdered by her fiancee, Kevin Sweat. As authorities further investigated Sweat’s past, it was discovered that he was responsible for the killing of Whitaker and Placker.
    whodunit: Kevin Sweat
    conclusion: The thing I found interesting about this case was that there was no real motive for the crime. It’s incredibly lucky that this case was solved considering there were no suspects for three years.

  14. Grace O’Neil
    Golden Nugget
    WHO: Alie Berrelez
    WHAT: Alie was kidnapped from her apartment complex while outside with other children. Then her body was found 4 days later 14 miles away from home.
    WHERE: Englewood, Colorado at the Golden Nugget apartment complex.
    WHEN: She went missing on May 8th 1993. 18 years later they finally made a DNA match
    WHY: We don’t know the motive behind the killing. The suspect died before being formally charged.
    HOW: The evidence they had against him was only circumstantial. They took his DNA but it wasn’t until 18 years later that the DNA found on the little girl and the DNA taken from Stofer were able to be matched due to advances in science and technology.
    WHODUNIT: Nick Stofer
    CONCLUSION: This is a sad case. I feel bad for the family that they never got to see them man that killed her be convicted. In a way it;s nice to know that he is dead because there is no more wondering where he is and if he was committing more crimes.

  15. Megan Green Case 1
    Who: Jessica Lyn Keen (15)
    What: Keen was staying at a safe house for runaway teens. While waiting at a bus stop, she was abducted and taken to a nearby cemetery. There, she was raped before she tried to flee. Her attacker caught up to her and killed her by hitting her head with a tombstone.
    Where: Columbus, Ohio. Near Huckleberry House.
    When: She was abducted around 6pm on March 15, 1991.
    Why: Rape. She was killed because she was trying to flee.
    How: The case was solved after being cold for 18 years. The law in Ohio changed to require prisoners to give DNA samples. Marvin Lee Smith, who was in prison on other charges, had DNA that matched that found at the scene. He later confessed and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.
    Whodunit: Marvin Lee Smith
    Conclusion: I found it interesting that this case remained unsolved for so long only to be easily ended with the change in the law. Because the investigators were able to access more DNA samples, they were able to match a person to the crime when they would not have even been suspected before.

  16. Megan Green Case 2
    Who: Douglas Stumler (30)
    What: Stumler was a boxing manager to Exum Speight. One night, the two got into a violent fight at Stumler's apartment. Stumler was strangled and stabbed. His body was found three days later.
    Where: Western Los Angeles. Killed in his apartment.
    When: March 29, 1987.
    Why: Possibly a fight over property.
    How: The case was solved when it was reexamined in 2010 and DNA testing was used to find a suspect. In 2012, Steight was matched to the DNA found on the body.
    Whodunit: Exum Speight
    Conclusion: The case would have never been solved without reexamining using DNA testing. It's also interesting in that there does not appear to be much of a motive other than their boxing ties and a possible property struggle.

  17. Aleena Maryal

    Case #2 the kidnapping and Murder of 20 month old baby
    Who: Charles Lindbergh, Jr., 20 month old baby
    What: The child was kidnapped and the kidnapper left a ransom note asking for $50,000. The parents of the child gave the money but they never returned the child, instead they Murdered him and the parents found the baby murdered near their streets.
    Where: East Amwell, New Jersey
    -Baby was kidnapped from her nursery
    When: March 1, 1932
    Why: The person kidnapped the child because he needed Money
    How: The child was kidnapper when used the ladder to get to the child he left some evidence on the steps. One gas station worker was very suspicious of a bill he got from the ransom person, so he reported to the police. They searched the guys house, and found the remainder of the money he took. They also matched the ransom notes handwriting with the guy.
    WhoDunit?: Bruno Hauptmann
    I think this person has some problems because who would kill a baby, its just so cruel. This case is just so sad and tragic!

  18. Milwaukee Cannibal by Florence
    WHO: Stephen Hicks, 13 yr old Loation boy (who he molested), Stephen Tuomi, Konerak Sinthasomphone, James Doxtator, Richard Guerrero, Anthony Sears, Raymond Smith, Eddie Smith, Ernest Miller, David Thomas, Curtis Straughter, Errol Linsey, Tony Hughes, Matt Turner, Jeremiah Weinberger, Oliver Lacey, Joseph Bradehoft, Tracy Edwards (attempted murder)
    WHAT: victims were abducted and then raped and murdered; some were mutilated and then Dahmer would store their remains in his refrigerator and slowly eat them, upon arrival at his home the police officers found one of his victim’s heads in his freezer. Dahmer also practiced necrophilia, trying to create a zombie army.
    WHERE: West Allis, Wisconsin and - most men were lured into his house and killed
    WHEN: between 1978-1991
    WHY: Dahmer’s goal was to create a zombie army, which he failed at
    HOW: case was solved when one of Dahmer’s victims came running out of his house and found some police officers who the victim then brought back to Dahmer’s house
    WHODUNNIT: Jeffrey Dahmer
    CONCLUSION: My conclusion is that Jeffrey Dahmer was an extremely sick individual who could have been stopped much sooner if the police officers that had found a boy he was trying to kill had followed up on him rather than just returning the boy to Dahmer’s “protection”.

    The Case of Aileen Wuornos
    WHO: Richard Mallory, David Spears, Charles Carskaddon, Peter Siems, Troy Burress, Charles “Dick” Humpherys, Walter Jeno Antonio
    WHAT: Wuornos killed all of the men by shooting them anywhere from 2 to 9 times
    WHERE: Florida
    WHEN: 1989-1990
    WHY: All of her victims had either raped or tried to rape her while she was working as a prostitute- she said she killed them all in self defense.
    HOW: She was seen dumping Peter Siems’ car and witnesses gave officers a description of her- ultimately she was arrested at a bar because of an outstanding warrant
    WHODUNNIT: Aileen Wuornos
    CONCLUSION: Aileen Wuornos really doesn’t seem to be all that crazy, or at least not as mentally disturbed as most killers, and she really only got caught because she was sloppy

  19. Grace O’Neil
    Case name: Krazy Kevin
    WHO: Skyla Whitaker, Taylor Paschal-Placker and Ashley Taylor.
    WHAT: Sky;a and Taylor were shot while walking home. Ashley Taylor was killed at an unknown location and her remains were found in the suspects backyard burned.
    WHERE: Okmulgee, UK on a dirt road and an unknown location.
    WHEN: In june of 2008 Skyla and Taylor were shot to death. In the Summer of 2011 Ashley went missing, and was later found.
    WHY: We don’t know why the suspect killed the two girls, there might have been some type of rivalry between the suspect and one of the girls families. it is also believe that the suspect killed Ashley after an argument escalated.
    HOW: The girls murder went unsolved until Ashley was reported missing. Once the suspect confessed to killing her, they searched the home of the two. There they found gun shells that matched the ones found at the first murder. Then the suspect confessed.
    WHODUNIT: Kevin Sweat
    CONCLUSION: I want to believe that there was a motive behind him killing these young girls. Then there is a part of me that thinks he is just a crazed killer. It is so sad that the lives of such young girls were taken in a horrible way.

  20. Apologies if you are having trouble posting on here: please create a Google Doc, Title it CASE REVIEW #1 or #2 and Share with me(

  21. Kelly Menna #2193 The Sodder Children

    Who: George and Jennie Sodder, with 9 of their 10 kids. George Jr., Marion, Maurice, Martha, Louis, Jennie, Betty and Slyvia. John, the oldest was away at war.

    What: Christmas night, around 1 AM the House of Italian immigrants George and Jennie Sodder, caught fire. George and Jennie, made it out along with 4 of their kids, the other 5 were never seen again.

    Where: Fayetteville, West Virginia.

    When: Christmas night, 1945

    Why: Reason as to why the fire was started has not been figure out, now 60+ years later. Leading up to the fire, strange events occurred. A man looking for work came to their house and pointed out fuse boxes, saying that "they will start a fire someday." At the same time, some tried to sell the family life insurance, George refused, the man then threatened George and said that his house would go up in smoke, and that his children would be destroyed. Right before Christmas, they noticed a man parked along the U.S. Highway 21, watching the little kids coming home from school.

    How: The mother said that around 12:30 Christmas morning, she received a call from a wrong number asking for an unfamiliar name. After she hung up, she headed up the stairs just to notice that all the lights downstairs were still on, the curtains still open and the front door unlocked. Marion was asleep on the couch and the others were upstairs asleep. in bed, she began to doze, only to hear a loud bang on the roof and a rolling noise. An hour later , she awoke to heavy smoke curling around her room. Later, after the fire, a telephone repair man told the Sodders that their lines were cut, not burned. They realized that if the fire was the result of faulty wiring like the fire chief says, the power would have been dead, so explain how their downstairs lights still worked during the fire. One day when the family was visiting the site, the youngest child found a hard rubber object in the yard, this accounts for the rolling sound Jennie claimed to have heard. George said that it was a napalm 'pineapple' bomb.

    WHODUNIT?: Unfortunately, this case has not bee solved, over 60 years after it first happened. Slyvia, the youngest, who was 2 when the fire happened, is the only one that is still alive. The family never stopped trying to find their missing children, following lead after lead that all just turn into dead ends.

    Conclusion: The missing Sodder children is a really interesting mystery. Let's say someone did kidnap them, by now they would be dead. The only thing that doesn't add up is a picture that was mailed to Jennie Sodder in 1968. It was postmarked in Kentucky. The picture was of a young man, that George and Jennie admitted looked a lot like their Louis, who was 9 at the time of the fire. On the back it read: "Louis Sodder. I love brother Frankie. Ilil Boys. A90132 or 35." I just don't know who 'Brother Frankie' is, they didn't have a brother named Frankie and every website I read this on does not explain the other numbers and words (Ilil Boys/ A90132 or 35). At first I thought Ilil Boys was like an orphanage, but why would someone steal children just to put them in an orphanage. I'll keep reading, this is very interesting.

  22. The Shooting Death of Roy McCaleb, 1985
    WHO: Roy McCaleb
    WHAT: Less than two years after marrying a woman from work who had been in 6 different marriages, McCaleb was shot and killed. His new wife told police that a man attacked her a few days before, and then again raped her that night. She claimed then that the perpetrator shot her husband in the head at close range, using a revolver she kept under her pillow. The case was not solved for quite some time but there was a lot of suspicion in who did it and what actually happened. McCaleb's daughter believed for a long time that it was Carolyn who murdered her father, but there wasn't evidence to prove her theory.
    WHERE: Houston, Texas (In the couples home)
    WHEN: Sept. 22, 1985
    WHY: Insurance policy money
    HOW: His wife confessed to the murder
    WHODUNIT: Carolyn Krizan-Wilson
    CONCLUSION: It upsets me that since Carolyn plead guilty, she was given six months in jail and 10 years probation. It may make sense because she suffered from dementia, but she murdered her husband for money, and married once again after him.


  23. Cold Case Murder of Krystal Beslanowitch
    WHO: Krystal Beslanowitch
    WHAT: Krystal, 17 years old, was addicted to drugs, and got into prostitution. She went to a convenience store one day to get something to eat, and she never came back. Krystal died from a crushing blow to the skull. She was a prostitute, and farmers discovered her naked body on the banks of the Provo River.. She was beaten to death with rocks. Their leads were insignificant until new technology came out which allowed investigators to use a vacuum and get partial DNA from the rocks that killed Krystal. They found that the DNA matched a once convicted man named Joseph Simpson, who they later arrested.
    WHERE: Wasatch County, Utah
    WHEN: December 15, 1995
    WHY: No particular motive, it was filed an aggravated murder.
    HOW: They solved this crime by new DNA technology, which connected Simpson to the murder.
    WHODUNIT: Joseph Simpson
    CONCLUSION: This Case was cold for a very long time due to the lack of technology, and it makes me wonder what other kinds of cases could have been solved if there was the technology that we have now. It also amazes me how DNA can be drawn from inside of wounds, and from the smallest places.


  24. Amber Levias

    History Mysteries Part 1:

    Who:Giuliano de' Medici

    What: Brothers Lorenzo and Guiliano Medici were apart of a very affluent Italian family in Florence Italy. However, their lives were soon cut short in 1478 when the brothers were set upon by a gang of men who stabbed them. Lorenzo made it out alive but Guiliano wasn't so lucky. The case was never solved...until 2004 that is.

    Where: The crime occurred Duomo Cathedral, the main church in Florence.


    Why: Being in a noble, well-known, family in Italy comes with a price.

    How: Marcello Simonetta, a historian, deciphered an encrypted letter in which he discovered Federico da Montefeltro, duke of Urbino,Italy at the time, was one of the key player in the murder.

    WHODUNIT?: Montefeltro.The letter Simonetta found was a detailed text saying how Montefeltro wanted these Medici brothers dead. He even reveals that he used his own military forces to do the dirty deed.

    Conclusion: There really isn't a good reason why the Medici brothers were killed. Sure the duke wanted them killed, but why? Like I said before the Medici family was a very well-known (also well-hated) family who had power in Florence. Turns out they were a banking family. Perhaps the duke wanted to contribute to the corruption and extortion the Medici 's were probably already doing and teamed up. One of they're deals went sour or someone slipped some secrets and the duke wanted revenge.

    1. History Mysteries Part 2 (same source, same Amber Levias)
      The Skeletons in the Well

      Who:17 people

      What: In 2004, while workers were excavating for a new shopping center in Norwich, England, they discovered the bodies of 17 skeletal remains found in an old Medieval Well.

      Where: Norwich, England

      When: 12th or 13th Century

      Why: Though at first the idea from archaeologists believed the plague might have been the reason for their death. However,DNA expert Dr Ian Barnes believed and proved otherwise (with SCIENCE!). It was found out that these bodies were killed before the plague. Barnes also discovered that these were actually the bodies of a Jewish family.

      How: Though it isn't completely clear, the dead bodies may have been linked to the religious persecution that occurred many centuries ago in England.

      WHODUNIT?: Like stated before, the cause of death is not clear. However, persecution probably influenced death upon this family. It is considered either to be a mass execution or group suicide.

      Conclusion: It's sad that there was a time where people were getting killed for really no good reason, just religion. Did this cause them to die? That is unknown. But the bodies were buried in a Jewish cemetery.

  25. Hannah Nation
    Cesar Barone Case

    Who: Cesar Barone (Killer)

    What: Barone raped and strangled to death three women-- Margaret Schmidt (61), Martha Bryant, and Chantee Woodman (23).

    Where: Portland, Oregon area

    When: April 1991- December 1992

    Why: Cesar Barone's motive is still unknown. He has long term history of rage and anger issues, however, the victims were not known to Barone personally, they were picked at random it seems to investigators.

    How: In his first killing of Margaret Schmidt, Barone raped and strangled his victim. The next killing, Martha Bryant, Barone shot bullets int Martha's car wounding her then sexually assaulted her and dragged her from her car to the road where he then ended her life by shooting her again. His last killing (for which he is convicted) Barone beat, sexually assaulted then shot Chantee Woodman to death and left her body along a highway.

    WHODUNIT? Cesar Barone

    Conclusion: Barone is currently sitting on death row in Oregon after his conviction of the rape and murder of three women. Barone additionally faces a 89 year sentence for a fourth (unpublicized) slaying.

  26. Hannah Nation
    The Atlanta Child Murders

    Who: Children in the Atlanta area

    When: July 21, 1979- June 22, 1980

    What: On July 21, 1979 a young boy, only 14 years old, disappeared. Then four days later another teen went missing. It was the beginning of a string of 29 young African American teens that would be murdered in the Atlanta area.

    How: All the young victims canished in broad daylight in fairly public locations. The bodies were then found in desolate areas later by law enforcement.

    Why: The murders had no obvious motivation, and police still are unaware of why they took place.

    WHODUNIT? On June 21, 1981 Wayne Williams was arrested and later convicted of 20/29 of the murders that occurred. Police were not able to link Williams to all 29 murders due to lack of evidence pertaining to some of the deaths.

    Conclusion: Williams was convicted of 20/29 of the murders and went to jail for life. Since he was put away, the Atlanta child killings have ceased.

  27. Anna Gordon
    Death of Marilyn Monroe

    WHO: Marilyn Monroe

    WHEN: August 5th, 1962

    WHERE: In her bedroom of her Brentwood home in Los Angeles

    WHAT HAPPENED: Was found dead nude on her bed face down, with her empty depression pill bottles scattered all over. Los Angeles police then investigated. After their investigation they said her death was caused by self-administered overdose of sedative drugs and the mode of her death was suicide.

    WHY: Ruled as suicide

    HOW: The case was solved as suicide and she overdosed

    WHODUNIT: Marilyn Monroe herself

    CONCLUSION: Deciding that she committed suicide is showing that something had driven her to commit suicide. Ruling that although it is a suicide there was something driving her to commit suicide.

    Anna Gordon
    The haunting mystery of a quadruple murder in a small town resort

    WHO: Glenna Sharp (known as Sue), son John (age 15) and friend Dana Wingate (age 17)

    WHEN: April 12, 1981

    WHERE: Keddie California, resort community in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains; discovered in cabin 28

    WHAT HAPPENED: Were discovered by Sue's 14 year old daughter in cabin 28. The victims were tied together with electrical wire and medical tape.They were beaten and hammer and knifed. A fourth victim, 12-year-old Tina Sharp, was missing and was abducted from the scene. Except no one heard a sound.

    WHY: There was no motive for the crime as it was unsolved

    HOW: Unsolved

    WHODUNIT: Not sure because the cause was unsolved

    CONCLUSION: The unsolved cases are frustrating because then you cannot figure out the full details and the family is not satisfied because then it is like a piece is missing. That is frustrating not knowing.

  28. Case Name: The shooting of Michael Brown
    My Name: Amarilys Cintron
    Who: Michael Brown
    What: Michael Brown, was an unarmed teenager who was shot by a police officer.
    Where: Ferguson, Missouri
    When: Aug 9, 2014
    Why: There wasn’t a motive.
    How: The police officer wasn’t charged and he was set free.
    WHODUNIT: Darren Wilson
    Conclusion: I think everything going on in Ferguson is completely unfortunate. No one should be killed and then not given justice. How is a police officer who abused his authority going to be let go without any charges? He shot Michael multiple times. I don’t like the fact that people who are committing a crime and are being set free, and it isn’t the first.

    Case Name: The shooting of Trayvon Martin
    My Name: Amarilys Cintron
    Who: Trayvon Martin
    What: Trayvon Martin, was an unarmed teenager who was shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer.
    Where: Miami Gardens, Florida
    When: February 26, 2012
    Why: There wasn’t a motive.
    How: They found Zimmerman not guilty.
    WHODUNIT: George Zimmerman
    Conclusion: As I stated above, what is happening now is very unfortunate and the fact that people who did the crime are still roaming the streets says something more about the government than anything else. He shot an unarmed 17 year old boy who was nothing close to a threat and he followed him after he was told not to you. Trayvon had an arizona and skittles, that is not a threat. In my opinion just because you’re neighborhood watch doesn’t give you the authority to use your gun on innocent people.

  29. Case Name: Charles Manson and the Manson Family Murders
    Name: Carli VanMaaren
    Who: (only murder victims) Gary Hinman, Sharon Tate, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, Jason Sebring, Leno LaBianca, Rosemary LaBianca
    What: Manson hated the rich, famous, and "political piggies", he hired his family to brutally murder the whole group of people at different times and take their money and belongings.
    Where: The victims homes (Beverly Hills - Cielo Drive; LA area)
    When: August 9, 1969 (Tate, Folger, Frykowski, Sebring)
    August 10, 1969 (Leno & Rosemary LaBianca)
    Why: He had a philosophy that an Apocalypse was coming and believed "Helter Skelter" was coming too. He believed "Helter Skelter" was a racial war between blacks and whites. He was going to hide in a cave in Death Valley until the war was over. He was planning on blaming the deaths on the African Americans to initiate the war.
    How: The family was caught burning machinery that belonged to the Death Valley National Monument in Death Valley. Kitty Lutesinger was arrested with the family (killer Beausoleil's girlfriend) and she turned her boyfriend in which developed the rest of the case and the police discovered who truly murdered the innocent people.
    WHODUNIT: Charles Manson & Family
    Conclusion: I think it was a very unfortunate situation that should not have happened. Charles Manson was like the ring leader and he commanded his family to do horrible things to people who did not deserve to be tortured and killed. I think Manson had some things going on and had he received proper help this could have been avoided. However, he was very manipulative and he knew what he was doing. Overall, I think the situation was tragic and that safety is important. There are people like Charles Manson that exist and I believe that a situation like this could happen again, and people should be aware of these situations but not be paranoid.

  30. Case Name: The Murder of Travis Alexander
    Name: Carli VanMaaren
    Who: Travis Alexander
    What: Jodi Arias murdered her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. The murder happened after their breakup of a five months earlier in the year. Jodi claimed it was out of self defense but evidence proves otherwise. Also, her details didn't match up to her statement and she lied in an interrogation several times and changed her appearance.
    Where: Travis Alexander's home (specifically shower) in Mesa, Arizona.
    When: June of 2008
    Why: As much as Jodi claimed it was out of self defense, her motive is believed to be because of the couples break up earlier in the year and apparently Travis couldn't let go. That Travis continued to use Jodi for sex long after their break up.
    How: Police found Travis' body, and a camera in the washing machine. On the camera, they found pictures of Travis, naked in the shower, and pictures of his bloody body that were supposedly taken on accident. Among the accidental pictures there were pictures of Jodi dragging his body across the floor.
    WHODUNIT: Jodi Arias
    Conclusion: As much as I would like to believe Jodi did murder Travis out of self defense the situation is just too shady. Why did she need to lie to police if it was self defense? And why didn't she go to the police in the first place? Her actions taken after the murder almost prove it couldn't be self defense. I don't believe Travis was one hundred percent innocent because the details also prove he could have been a stalker but none supporting the self defense theory. I think the situation is sad but also really messed up. If Jodi hadn't wanted to be found she could have done a better job hiding the evidence. She should have known putting a camera in the washing machine wouldn't erase the evidence. I think it's one of the weirdest cases of a relationship murder I have ever read and I think that Jodi Arias is crazy.