Gamification of Science

What is Gamification? Check out this infographic:


I am excited about gamification. I am excited about engaging and motivating students to really WANT TO LEARN anything encountered in the real world or online. Making deep meaningful connections to content across all platforms and learning that all experiences can be used as learning tools. 

1.What is gamification?  I consider it adding gamified elements to learning to help engage students in more personal experiences and individual learning paths.  Yes, it can include playing games, the true focus however, is on the student. 
2.How can teachers and students create a world where the essentials of the education system, the standards decided upon by outside entities and the learning needs of the individual child all be represented?  Through gamification. Elements of gamification include opportunities to master each level-imagine if students- regardless of what grade they earned the first time through a topic, were so engaged that they,by choice, returned to complete an assignment, two, three, four times before being satisfied with their own grade. Then when each student feels comfortable tackling the next challenge and with their grade, then they choose to move up. 

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