Monday, October 28, 2013

How will you help Improv help you?

Email from an Improv club Alumna Class of 2013: 

The whole reason I thought I should email you was because of this weekend though. I went on a retreat which was a super great experience, and for one of the activities we had to do we had to talk about a person or event that allowed us to be more confident and out going and the first thing that popped into my head was you and the rest of improv club. Its amazing when I think about how I would act if I hadn't done improv club. It helped and is still helping me be more open when talking to new people and confident when sharing things and speaking in front of classes and talking to teachers. So thanks so much for that... And then also during the retreat we had to preform a little skit and our group leader started off coordinating the skit by asking “So who is good at improv?!” and the girl I sat next to on the bus there jumped out of her seat and pointed at me saying that I did improv club in high school so I would be great at this so of course I got super nervous and panicked but they gave me the kind of central part and when we performed it in front of the large group people actually laughed at my joke which was wonderful and unexpected and I really think improv helped me with the skit and make friends so that was super great. Any way thanks so much for everything you did that made me feel more confident and out going both through improv and just regular conversations etc. 

More than a club, and non-stop laughter.

To the JV Soccer Team-

Mercy Soccer Family,

Thank you all so much for a fantastic season and for having such truly wonderful young women. They make each day happier and more fun than the last. I am honored to coach them and to have fun while doing so is an even greater reward. It is said that close games build champions-I believe this also- we are truly primed for next year and for life! It is in being challenged that players grow not only on the field, but in their own hearts and minds. To be a champion every day takes many forms, some days at Mercy it is on the soccer field, other days it is in service to others, or leading others when it is necessary. Each day on the field, I believe my task is not only strategy and drills, but to instill my players with belief, hope, pride, and resilience. Belief in themselves and those around them, hope that they knowing hard work today translates into success in all areas of their lives, pride in representing something more than the individual, but the same team that the FIFA player of the year represents proudly every day. Finally, resilience- I have never played so many close games in a season as a player or a coach in the combined 54 seasons I have been a part of a soccer team. To not score more than two goals in one game and to not allow more than two goals in a game is more of a lesson in resilience than I could ever teach from the sideline. Now we part ways to travel teams, or other sports, or moving up. Remember this year as the one that taught you about a few things, what that is may be different for all of you, but our team song brings us all back together-One..two..three...We are one body, one body in Christ, and we do not stand alone.

Thank you for the kind gifts, and for getting the players where they needed to be-even when we did have a bus! Thank you Ellen and thank you Wayne for your daily participation and to each and every ounce of food made for dinners! It was all so delicious and the girls enjoyed every bite!

We were truly blessed this year to be (for the most part) healthy, and we were able to avoid concussions in season and any major injuries. I am so proud of those coming back from serious leg and head injuries and those battling daily pain-to work hard every day - without complaint and with great enthusiasm.


Thursday, July 25, 2013

ACTIVE Reading System!!!

Hi Everyone!!! The full presentation of the ACTIVE Reading System is here in PDF form. I will follow it up with more of our strategy and practice guides as we continue creating them. If you find good Vary your style reading music, add the songs as a comment and where you found it! Enjoy and KEEP READING!!!!!
The ACTIVE Reading System GO GO GO!!!