Friday, April 1, 2011

Twitter privacy settings fixed.

Try again. @MrDSci   - I had the privacy settings blocking too much. Mineral Joke on there and one here:

Bubba and Rocky were mineral collecting one day and a guy came up to Bubba and asked...How long are you going to be working in that hole?
Bubba said....About 2 hours.
The guy left.
The next Saturday, Bubba and Rocky were at the same dump, and the same man came up to Bubba and asked him how long he was going to be digging in that hole.
Bubba said....About 3 hours.
The guy left.
Well, the next Saturday, the same thing happened, and Bubba said....About 2 hours, and the guy left.
Bubba turned to Rocky and said....Hey, do me a favor and follow that guy, will you? He keeps asking me how long I am going to be digging here, but then leaves and doesn't come back.
Rocky does, and comes back a while later, laughing.
Bubba: So...where does that guy go when he leaves here?
Rocky stops laughing long enough to say....To your house!

I in no way endorse going to people's homes without them being there- DON'T  DO THAT. 

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