Monday, January 13, 2014

Clue Board 2013

CLUE(R) Board we used for our Forensic Class Study.  We played through one game as an introduction for students unfamiliar with the game. The student task- to create a system  of tracking suggestions and cards shown to determine which cards other teams held in order to solve the case. Students created systems within teams and tracked their own data sets during gameplay. Students took their four games or data, then wrote their system's inner workings and results into a formal laboratory report. Overall=Interest factor by students,  increased 82% (in an informal survey) over the play of the games. 86% of the systems would directly work in solving a Clue(R) game when applied. The students were encouraged to refine their system for future games and further increased accuracy of card knowledge.  We will continue to review new implementation of gamification throughout the unit. 

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