Sunday, September 7, 2014

Beginning the Tablet Pilot Program for Mercy

This year, we will be exploring the use of various tablet models within the school.  There will be 8 students participating beginning at the end of September.  The entire school is also using Google Apps for education this year, once the log ins are shared, all students and teachers will be able to collaborate via Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and we will be using further Apps for Forensic Science and Marine Biology as we engage in the units following our Water in Our World unit.  I trained your teachers for part of a conference day the week before school began and will continue to train and support teachers.  If you know of any helpful Google Chrome Apps or Web apps, please share them through the comments box below.  Back to the Pilot: The Pilot will consist of iPad, Android, and Windows tablets, as well as Chromebooks for use in the classroom. We are looking at the possibility of implementing a tablet program for the entire school in 2015-2016, this may be too ambitious as of now, the administration will decide next spring/summer. 

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